A Historical Look at The Azusa Street Revival (1906-1909)

A Historical Look at The Azusa Street Revival (1906-1909)

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A historical look at the Modern Pentecostal Movement that took place in Los Angeles, CA from 1906 to 1909: The Azusa Street Mission & Revival.

All revivals usually begin with fervent prayer. There is usually a hunger for a move of God.

In the Azusa Revival God used William J. Seymour as the revival’s spiritual leader.

William Seymour was a very humble man, who prayed at times five to seven hours a day.

Eyewitnesses often referred to Seymour as having almost a helpless dependence on God, almost childlike.

The Azusa Revival touched many people, in Los Angeles, and around the world. Many were filled with the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of tongues, at the revival. Many were healed. Many were anointed for the ministry. All who came in contact with God were humbled in His presence.

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The Azusa Street Mission and Revival

(This is the first book I read about the Azusa Street Revival. The book is insightful, and spiritually enlightening. And the testimonies are powerful and spine-tingling!)

The Azusa Street Revival: An Eyewitness Account

(Frank Bartleman was a penniless preacher who hungered for God and had almost a helpless dependence on God, and an unwavering faith in God’s power.

Barleman’s accounts of him laboring in prayer for hours, and expecting God to answer those prayers for revival, healing, miracles, and a fresh outpouring of His Spirit, makes the Christian hunger and thirst for such sweet communion with the Father.)

Azusa Street was the most worldwide it represented all the races in peoples of the world like no other revival that I know I've been history since the day of Pentecost even when I've been in Africa I said to Africans it's not a white man's religion have you ever heard William Seymour in Azusa Street yeah most of them have not heard right and I think that's a I think the Lord knew what he was doing when he chose Seymour in Azusa Street mainly among blacks to bring one of the greatest revivals in history now there are about 400 million Pentecostals and Kara's makes in the world and like I say you can trace it back to Azusa Street Azusa Street was like a mother giving birth once she's given birth my mother eventually will die but she's done her historic sure art and the zoo zoos we played this dark part of birthing Pentecostalism to the whole world know I've been to German I've been to just Russia recently all of the European all over the world in the literature of the early days they always would trace it back to Azusa Street you'll find that everywhere so that's what identified the movement worldwide is a Pentecostal movement and whether they knew that Seymour was black or not I don't know but certainly I think you could make a point like Sydney ahlstrom did for me al that Seymour is the most important black religious leader in the history of America I think you could make a good case of that absolute and as OU's the street is the most important address you know the Lutheran's the Reformation has Wittenberg door right and the methods have all this great street I think Azusa Street will take its place in in church history as one of the most important addresses of all Christian history fifteen years out of a man's life is a lot for anything why is it that you happen to pick a zoos the street and wait him see more all right well there are a couple of reasons I think one is that I've been reared in the Pentecostal movement all of my life I've grown up with the story of Azusa Street I've heard many many of the things about it I've met a number of people that went there at one time or another but I have never seen written anywhere the whole story this is recorded history for all of God's people for the next hour we employ you let's put aside our denominational beliefs traditions and barriers God the Father doesn't look at one as Catholic the others Methodists or say that one's Baptist and she's Full Gospel he simply sees the blood of his beloved Jesus and looks into your heart so let our hearts cry out for another mighty outpouring of this holy spirit as he did for those that cried out to him in the early 1900s you see it as OU's a mission all races sexes classes and nations gathered in a miracle on Azusa Street to offer the church an opportunity ever for restoring its loss fullness Seymour called for all Christians who honored Christ to come together saying we recognize every man that honors the blood of Jesus to be our brother regardless of denomination creed or doctor within the first month of its opening vast crowds of people from almost every class nationality and race gathered at a zoo submissions these were the days of the strictest Jim Crow segregation laws however what God was offering was so vital that racist or proud whites laid aside their prejudice to worship besides agents Hispanics to humbly receive Seymour's leadership produced the embodiment of the Apostle Paul's vision for the church there's neither Jew nor Greek there is neither bond nor free there is neither male nor female for ye are all one in Christ Jesus and deed Seymour carried the Christian community beyond what was possible in the Apostolic days because Los Angeles in 1906 was a vast melting pot for varied races and nationalities within two years a small black prayer meeting exploded to a momentum of being established in over 50 nations across the world Seymour's newspaper began in 1906 with 5000 copies and grew to a global acceptance of 50,000 missionaries were both coming and going faster than Seymour could properly tabulate not only had lost dope addicts and drunkards wandered in to receive salvation but veteran clergy and seasoned missionaries came with open hearts to receive more of God some came from as far away as China and India Seymour said this is meant to spread over the entire earth we are on the verge of the greatest miracle the world has ever seen barliman wrote the opportunity of a lifetime of centuries is at our door in acts 2 it declares when the day of Pentecost came they were all together in one place suddenly there came a sound like the blowing of a rushing wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting they saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them all of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the spirit enabled in eighteen hundreds of mighty outpouring of the Holy Ghost fell in Russia a quarter of a century later the outpouring fell in Armenia and uneducated you with under the power of the Holy Ghost wrote a prophecy warning that many Christians would be martyred unless they escaped to America their God would prosper them at the end of 1900 as Parham was departing for field ministry he left an assignment for his Bible students who were studying the book of Acts that they determined what should be the New Testament evidence of the baptism in the Holy Ghost one of these students agnes osmond gives her account on watch night we had a blessed service praying that God's blessings you know might rest upon us because the new year came in during the first day of 1901 the presence of the Lord was with us in a marked way healing hearts to wait upon him for greater things the spirit of prayer was upon us in the evening it was nearly eleven o'clock on the 1st of January when it came to my heart to ask that hands might be laid upon me that I might receive the gift of the Holy Ghost as hands were laid upon my head the Holy Spirit fell on me and I began to speak in tongues glorify God I had to added joy that my heart longed for they have a death of the presence of the Lord within that I never knew before she was as if rivers of living water were Pristina for my innermost being contrary to popular belief the first year the 20th century was not 1900 but 1901 the year ending in zero is the last year the preceding century so on the first day of the new year of this new century the Holy Spirit fell on agnes osmond as she was filled and horrified God other students wanted to speak in tongues but I told them not to see for time but to seek for the Holy Ghost it was so much later that I was fully persuaded in my own heart about the evidence of the baptism I watched some nine nine different ones receive the Holy Spirit saying to myself and before God I will see if everyone talks in tongues and one by one everyone received the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues because the Spirit gave them utterance forum received the fillion of the Holy Spirit soon after his return to properly understand the Azusa outpoint that then rippled throughout the United States and indeed spread around the globe one must first visit the Welsh revival of 1904 through 1906 this major revival began its prayer meetings with less than 20 intercessors but when it flowed forth the churches of Wales were crowded for more than two years more than 20% of the population was converted and then added to the church's grayed-out points do not just change people but indeed they change even the society and environment drunkenness was immediately cut in half and many taverns went bankrupt crime was so diminished that judges were presented with white gloves signifying there were no cases of murder assault rape or robbery to consider police became unemployed in many districts it was even said that work in the coal mines grounded to a halt not due to strikes between laborers and employers but because so many foul-mouthed miners became converted and stopped using their habitual foul language that the horses which hauled the code trucks and the mines now could no longer understand what was being said to them transportation does grounded to a halt Evan Roberts became the most publicized preacher in the world his slogan remove human resistance to God's will and change the world by 1905 several of the Armenian families heeding the prophecy of the late 1800s had indeed fled Armenia and migrated to Los Angeles California the Armenians established a Pentecostal church at 9:19 Boston Street in the large home of Danish Aquarian who was father of Isaac grandfather of day mmus now president of the Full Gospel Business men's fellowship International the city of Los Angeles in 1905 had a population of less than 300 thousand less than 6000 were black compared to today's LA County population of 8 million 800,000 with over 900,000 blacks throughout Los Angeles there was an undercurrent of Prayer a crying out for more of God the religious setting in America that time also was really a time of great religious ferment you can't say people were apathetic the holiness movement had just recently separated from the Methodist Church there were hundreds of small hole in these groups all over the country in which Sousa Street started as part of the holiness movement and a lot of people in the mainline Protestant churches at that time were interested in the baptism the Holy Spirit Scofield said more books have been written about the Holy Spirit in the 1890s then in all previous history the place was fertile also for what has later become known as new religious movements the the Christian Science was moving into Southern California through a highly touted suit that Mary Baker Eddy's son was suing her over certain things what became known as the job Jehovah's Witnesses at that time was known as millennial Don that was being brought to Southern California at that time the Mormons were making major inroads so it was an area where these more sectarian and cultic type groups were meeting the local newspaper had a regular one the local newspaper had a regular column for the spiritualist Church in which it taught people how to give seances and use the Ouija board and all of those kinds of things he began to hold water known as protracted meetings that would mean that they would meet at the church every single night of the week and they met that way for 16 weeks and sometimes those services would go on until 1:00 and 2:00 o'clock in the morning sometimes they could go around the clock but they were an extended period of time where people prayed they sought God for revival and one of the interesting things about him was that he was preaching that many of the gifts of the Spirit including speaking in tongues and prophecy and healing and miracles would be brought back into the church as a result of a latter-day revival that they hoped that they were praying in so he had been preaching from first Corinthians chapter 12 and telling his congregation to expect these kinds of phenomena to take place it strikes me it's very interesting that revivals almost inevitably take place among the lower classes and not among the upper classes that it it goes from the bottom up if you would through the class system and I think the reason is because these people are powerless they're alienated from culture and from the structures of power and they actually for a day-to-day sustenance they must turn to God because that's the only hope that they have they are desperate people and when that desperation turns to a quest after God then suddenly God moves in on their behalf and begins to do things that they hadn't anticipated and that's precisely the way it went about in the holiness movement of the nineteenth century and on up into the Pentecostal revival of the 20th century it began at the bottom it began in the storefronts it began at the brush arbors it began in the homes and it began among the poor the black the alienated the uneducated and it moved its way up through the class system as a result of them telling their story to the next to their neighbor in and it moving around others didn't know how to handle the hunger during this time in Angeles Julie Hutchins a black woman and eight other families are expelled from their church for stating and believing holiness teachings eventually they started their own mission at ninth in Santa Fe and joined the Southern California holiness Association in the interim Seymour in Rose and Charles Parham Bible class due to strong segregation laws seymour cannot sit inside with the other white students but sits outside in the hallway listening to par hams teachings they are varying reports as to the length of time that seymour sat outside of par hems class some cite a few days others say weeks all agree it could not have been over a month seymour then informs Parham he has accepted position as pastor and departs for los angeles seymour preaches on many Christian themes and although he himself has not received the baptism of the Holy Spirit he states it should be part of every believers experience including speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance Julia Hutchins who was expelled by her church for believing differently or going too far now padlock see more out of her church his beliefs apparently going too far but what he believed having been with parem that she had not yet accepted was this third step namely this baptism in the Holy Spirit which was evidenced by the Bible evidence were speaking in tongues that went one step farther than she was prepared to go at that particular point in hundred now with no church no money and no place to live seymour becomes the fourth guest of mr. and mrs. edward lee most of his time spent in prayer and fasting Richard and Ruth Asbury beckoned Seymour to hold prayer meetings at their home to 14 Bonnie Brae note in 1910 according to the Los Angeles City Directory the address was changed to 216 for several months a small prayer group gathered at Bonnie Brae to seek a deeper experience from God this group is mostly black with a sprinkling of white visitors which included Frank Bart Ehrman and mrs. Osterberg God definitely called my to reduce the street there was an opposition that my father had a part I fasted prayed he would fast for days tough some people thought he was going to die there was a effort against that services some way the enemy what was out to destroy my father had a gift of travail he would pray for hours and hours would go by and he would ever be conscious of the prayer that he'd that they're praying that he'd gone through that his life accomplished a lot of deliverances that the enemy was trying to destroy you might say that he often referred himself to a colleague like Martin Luther had to braid something Seymour's nightly prayer meetings continued as the spirit would rise and then seemingly ebb Seymour then sent train fare to Lucy Farrow who already had the baptism and Jay a worn both residing in Houston April 1906 Evan Roberts suffering from exhaustion retires from public ministry April 6 1906 Seymour and his group enter into a 10 day fast determined to get more of God April 8th was Palm Sunday 1906 Monday April 9 Seymour visits Lee at home about 6:00 in the evening to pray for his recovery from illness Lee feels much better at once and requests prayer for receiving the Holy Spirit with the expected sign in response to Seymour's prayer Lee bursts forth in glossolalia both men are ecstatic seemingly walked the short distance to Bonnie brave for the prayer meeting Seymour opens the service was song and then is best remembered with prayer from the congregation and several testimonies he rises to begin and never-to-be-forgotten sermon announcing his Texas acts 2:4 and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance he lifts his hands opens his mouth and electrifies everyone with the torrent of glossolalia cuts the entire company is swept to its knees in an out point of glossolalia and sudden joy such as brother Hughes and sister trainer her son bud and daughter sis all praising God in the spirit as the young daughter rushed into the living room young bud was on the front porch prophesy Jenny Evans Moore who owned the house across the street began speaking in tongues Jenny did not know how to play the piano but now being filled with the spirit she plays beautifully in with a beautiful voice incredibly sings in six foreign languages with interpretations these gifts of tongues singing and plain stayed throughout her life and now fame piano still sits in the Bonnie Brae home even now there are conflicting reports as how and who was filled first by the spirit that night some reports claim Lucy Farrell from Houston prayed and laid hands on people others say a young boy was first to be filled but all reports agree that it happened this night Monday April 9th 1906 ironically Seymour did not receive that night but continued to preach the message the next three days were filled with spiritual all and joy the initial group of black cooks Ross women janitors and Porter's are joined by large crowds of blacks and whites within the next three nights Seymour – is filled by the Spirit of God describing the experience he states as I sank slowly to the floor it was like fiery hot rain falling upon me melting my heart with divine love the news spread rapidly throughout families homes and neighborhoods the house now was too small to accommodate so the front porch became the pulpit the front lawn and street became the pews I'm sitting in the house in Los Angeles California on 2:16 North Bonnie Brae street in this particular house something great took place that really touched church history I'm with dr. art glass and we're gonna talk a little bit about this event now I'm understanding dead there was a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that took place right in this living room is that correct that's correct it was a two sixteen at this house in April of April the 9th 1906 and God moved in a mysterious way he blessed and filled those that were situated here around the table with the Holy Ghost my goodness so they're famous Azusa Street revival our outpouring – some call it literally took place before the Azusa Street mission in this living room is that correct almost certainly it started here and the reason that they moved was because the house became too small to accommodate the audience the house as it sits today is it similar as it was in 1906 it's basically the same same house the same layout now in this house they actually have services or was this a Bible study or a prayer meeting or what used to take place in this house in 1906 brother Asbury and his wife suggested that they come here and pray and fast which they did and that they were seated here they begin praying and fasting then that's about when it occurred so it's just really a prayer meeting it was a premie in a regular person's home so it was not a church or a cathedral was not so once again we see God using ordinary situations to do extraordinary things now how did you get involved I'm understanding the story that they almost took this house from us and then you helped get involved and helped to save this historic kind of place learning that was an escrow we were and I sure as to what they the new owners have planned to do and we discovered that they had planned to tear down and build a complex of apartments that's amazing to me because when we talk about history church history you would think that more Christians would have an understanding of what actually took place here and this is part of our heritage where you know you can go somewhere like in Memphis Tennessee and they have a memorial there to Elvis Presley but we're talking about thousands of people have been changed through what took place in this living room that's true that's tremendous now are there a lot of people that come and even visit this site today and to find out what took place oh yeah there are thousands of people still come to this building and buses and cars and vans on a monthly basis this yearly even be perfect even before we purchased the building this was in diamond course we didn't mat know that that house was so recognized about so many people but there are a number of schools in the area that bring their students special especially be religious schools they bring their students out here to see the building and they come out and some just come out on the sidewalk and pray why did you get involved in preserving this house for church history tell us why dr. glass got involved in this I became involved because I thought that was a very necessary thing for us to preserve one of the last relics of the church this is the only physical relic that we know how of the early revival of 1906 revival and this was of course the latter-day rain not boring what so happened that people begin to hear about this all over Los Angeles and they would come to this little house and they would meet in the living room well after a while deliveryman got too small and they had to come out into the porch and William steamer would stand up on this porch and teach the word of God and they would pray and they would fast and one particular night the took places that people got so excited up on the porch and the courts actually collapsed well with all the people coming coming night after night as Seymour was preaching and they were out here on the porch it was obvious that they needed a new place for me 3:12 Azusa Street one of the most famous addresses in the world is no more near downtown Los Angeles this is the area that surrounds where those emissions once stood Leon 3:12 Azusa Street has been a very famous address which took place right here in the spot well initially in 1888 the African Methodist churches arrested yet there was one of the first black churches in Los Angeles California then they moved to the porters gym and the building basically became deserted it was later rented out it became a warehouse upstairs and basically which used to the horse stables down there as you know the Bonnie Brae just became so crowded that William Seymore started looking for another location they were reminded of this particular location they came to 312 they named it elusive commissions Nelson reported that the first mention of Azusa was made by father Juan Crespi in 1769 a name derived from the Shoshone Indian language one of the initial Azusa women was a student of Indian folklore and received her story from an old Indian woman now baptized and living in the Mission of San Juan Capistrano she remembers legend has it that in a small Indian village there lived a simple Indian maiden highly spiritual she always fasted and prayed and at a young age she was bestowed with a divine gift the people said that when she laid hands upon the sick the suffering lifted and they were healed so for many territories the hurt and suffering came to be healed legend continues that a powerful chief was dying his own medicine men could work no cure so they carried him to the region of the young maiden used to here the maiden ministered to him and after falling into a deep sleep the powerful chief awakened healed proclaiming she shall be called Azusa the blessed miracle so whenever there was pain and suffering people said go to a zoo go to a zoo and be here the legend spread throughout the California even after the Indian made his work was done the place where she lived and worked in her memory continued to be called a zoo zoo in place of the countless healings the blessed miracle a young pastor Arthur Astor Berg who later became superintendent for the Assemblies of God Church was at that time straw boss for the McNeil construction company Osterberg personally paid a crew of co-workers to come and help clear debris Osterberg stated this is what made a Sousa different even as we went to initially do a cleanup we were met by several black ladies who began praying for the men one of the workers a Roman Catholic fell to his knees amid the clutter and burst into tears this is remembered as the first manifestation of the Spirit at Azusa missions and services had yet to begin junk was hauled out the place was washed down sawdust was put on the floors large nail kegs were brought in and wooden planks were placed across them for benches JV McNeil himself a Catholic provided lumber for the altar two large wooden shoe boxes were placed one atop the other this would be Seymour's token they used the large shoebox I used to wonder what these shoeboxes were but Seymour's always depicted as having his head in a shoebox it I've seen one they must be about four feet long or three and a half feet long about two feet wide and about two and two feet high Austen Berg described the mission the Azusa Street mission measured 60 feet by 40 feet 2,400 square feet austere Berg's figure of eight hundred persons inside before the days of fire regulations allowed three square feet per person a not unreasonable estimate since the people crowded into every available bit of space and the sparse furniture was set close together many stood throughout the services the windows and doors were knocked out single their electric bulbs coming from the ceilings behind the building stood a small cottage and outhouse a few large trees on the east side provided shade a wooden sidewalk around the base gave some protection from the dirt yard and unpaved street one long room upstairs the upper room was furnished with chairs and a red wood planks supported by abacus chairs used for prayer a sign caution no talking above a whisper Azusa missions took no routine offerings during service instead large tin mailboxes were nailed along the walls a sign above them read settled with the Lord people deposited offerings as they were moved money was as quickly drawn out for those in need it was said say more gave money to whomever was in need when Barbara Minh left for his global tour only Azusa of all the Los Angeles mission gave him an office there were numerous rooms upstairs see more and more than 12 full-time workers made their home on this upper level there were hard wooden planks to sit on if you were fortunate enough to get a seat at all 600 to 800 persons squeezed inside with at times another 400 pressing in from outside around every doorway and window leadless to mention there was no air conditioning and most didn't wear deodorant the summer of 1906 was unusually hot inside as OOOs emissions that temperature was stifling and then there were flies fly deposited in the previous debris were still hatching on the bottom floor they had had horses and a lot of junk in there there was a pretty dirty place in fact one of the newspapers reporters who visited the Azusa Street mission early on said that the horses had hardly been separated from the Flies the Azusa Street mission was notorious for its flies in the middle of this summer of 1906 he was a likeable kind of fellow and I remember hearing stories from from people at least two people that talked about the fact that they might be lying on the floor praising the Lord and one of the things I remember is brother Seymour coming off over and shooing the Flies away so so is that they could have a little piece without being crawled all over by these flies in this very hot atmosphere there in the zoo so street it was a low ceiling place and one reporter said that you had to stick your head under the seats in order to get a breath of fresh air you can imagine 1906 summertime with no deodorants and and so forth that you really probably had a problem there Seymour designed an unusual seating arrangement he placed the pulpit in the center of the room with the altar in front of it serving as a bench for persons to use following the invitation the fuse formed a circle surrounding the pulpit an altar all on one level this depicted Seymour's vision of oneness in equality Nelson reported worshippers gathered in a new way completely equal in the house of God the body of Christ not a collection of individuals looking over the back of many heads simply to the clergy or choir but an intimate whole serving one another one of the significant things about the Pentecostal renewal at the turn of the century was that every person was a potential participant there are stories about services at the Azusa Street mission for instance in which the newspaper reporter would say if you had a verse of scripture to give you stood up and you gave you had a testimony of what God had done in your life that day you stood up and you told what God had done in your life so there was an opportunity for every single person to participate in it and they were encouraged not only to participate as they gather together but to participate by telling the story over the fence to the neighbor who was hanging up clothes in the backyard or or whatever to talk to the street car attendant or to talk to people at work so it became really as a grassroots of people's movement this unconventional CD plan revealed Seymour's conviction that events transpiring at Azusa Mission were different unique and revolutionary Jesus was too large for the synagogue he preached outside because there was not room for him inside this Pentecostal movement is too large to be confined in any denomination or sect it works outside drawing all together in one bond of love one church one body of Christ Harper sighted Azusa missions Seine it was in this simple building that a few ignited an international movement which was to circle the globe and fifty years later penetrate even the sophisticated circles of the Episcopal and other churches the Bonnie Brae location was in a safe nice middle-class neighborhood however the Azusa location was in a part of town deemed undesirable regardless of what race you happen to be however people flooded in people described the phenomenon as such news has spread far and wide that Los Angeles is being visited with a rushing mighty wind from heaven the how and why of it is to be found and the very opposite of those conditions that are usually thought necessary for big no choir but bands of angels have been heard by some in the spirit and there is a heavenly singing that is inspired no collections are taken there no bills have been posted to advertise the meeting no church organization is in the back of it you find a two-story whitewashed old building you would hardly expect heavenly visitations there unless you remember the stable of Bethlehem man would have chosen palaces or multi-million dollar cathedrals but it was here and with these that God chose to display his awesomeness the Los Angeles Times in a reporter to Azusa on Tuesday night April 17th the next morning the paper carried a sensational account saying even for Los Angeles home of numerous creeds the new sect made startling claims a prominent rabbi present professed to have been miraculously healed and welcomed into the group the article closed citing a speaker who prophesied all for destruction to this city unless its citizens turned to God the article appeared on page one of section two Wednesday April 18 1906 the day of the great San Francisco earthquake one of the worst in world history 300,000 of the city's 400,000 population became homeless 10,000 estimated dead as gas and water mains ruptured causing fires throughout the city tremors continue for an hour buildings collapse in surrounding towns as far away as 60 miles firefighters were forced to dynamite many more buildings in an effort to control sweeping fires tremendous tremors shook Los Angeles forcing people out of their buildings in his diary barliman reports how he felt the shocks during noon prayer at Vanille Hall sensing the divine purpose at work and purposely distributed 10,000 tracts entitled the last call followed by 75,000 more now there are spiritual tremors rippling through Los Angeles zoo's emissions is operating daily with three services morning afternoon and evening often running continuously in an interview with dr. Leonard Lovett maxi Jonas remembered I originally went by this gift testified Jonas then went to the altar and dedicated his life later becoming a bishop in the Church of God in Christ we're so honored to have Fred greasing her with us today you know he may be one of the only eye witnesses of people who were actually there at the Azusa Street revival fred is 90 years young and he's gonna tell us some interesting things about what took place but what were some interesting stories that you can tell us today about what took place at Azusa Street well a biggest story of course was the fact that that the word got out that the holy spirit was being given that's the first thing my father at the time was it was a choir leader at the German Baptist Church within not too far from where Azusa Street as sembly was and when he heard that there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit he would he would lead his choir and go out the back door and Ryan down the mezuzah Street there's the street was on Sampson right off of san pedro street and there was a streetcar line went down san pedro street there was there were no automobiles lavinia none as far as going services are concerned same thing went for the the upper room mission everyone walked or took streetcar and then walked at that time I was seven years old we presumed so because my brother and I have talked about this for years what what ages we were because both of us started at ninth in San Pedro and both of us started when the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 people were seeking the Lord they come in there and go right down to the altar start praying the upstairs was the Tyrian back then both believed you had to tear it for the spear but many were filled by the spirit just as a set in the lower room as many as nine services were held in one day Lord immerses the meetin's continued day and night in Azusa was open 24 hours a day for three straight years it was said that people's will come in they kneel down and they pray then with their eyes closed they quietly wait for God to do his work and in the beginning there was no punana not even know him book they would sing on impulse two favorite songs was the company has come and under the blood yes yes yes a spontaneous singing in the spirit as if suddenly singing with the heavenly choir would send shim runs of God's presence throughout the whole room usually Seymour sat with his head bowed inside his shoe box punky allowing God's Spirit to run to me only those that knew that they was anointed with the message for that night retreat it was said that interpretations messages and prophecies were given with such power it was as if God Himself were speaking one evening has damage to carrion and several Armenian friends were walking down the street they heard familiar sounds the worshippers at Azusa shouting singing and praying as in their old Armenian services the Armenians joyfully spread the news God was now moving in America as he had in Armenia Russia and of course in and through the early church fathers within 30 days of moving completely to Azusa Street a surge of interest brings throngs of virtually every race nationality and social class on earth to Seymour's congregation largest crowds came on Sundays with services running from 7:00 a.m. until midnight or later Nelson reports the Azusa miracle appears as the racial color line disappears whites begin to far outnumber blacks and their pride is laid aside most of Joseph's smells New Testament church leaves for Azusa both AG Garn and Arthur Osterberg bring their entire congregations to Azusa to many the old barn like mission building serves as a reminder of the manger of Bethlehem it was probably the most significantly integrated Church in the whole of Los Angeles that blacks and whites mingled together freely there especially between 1906 and 1909 and then in another move that took place in 1911 or 1912 it began to attract large numbers of whites there were some whites at Bonnie Brae though in the house meetings but soon after it became noised abroad and became famous worldwide at one point there were more whites and blacks in Azusa Street there was a long time maybe a couple of years where the majority were white it seems to me that the first ones in Azusa Street that spoke with tongues that caused the sensation were blacks when I read LA Times and read the reports it's always black women black men who are speaking with tongues but white people were extremely interested in it and and they weren't just the poor there were theologians who came and many were turned off but there was some pretty well-educated people who accepted Pentecost there and the big thing was that they would ask this black man to lay hands on them which was unthinkable at the time Los Angeles was called the American Jerusalem because every religion in the world was there even non-christian religion every culture in every culture and when you look at the zoo the street there were Mexicans there there were Russians there Chinese blacks whites you have just about every kind of person Jews were there two years of Glorieta zoos emissions Reverend 8ji car leads a party of five is the first missionaries to depart for India and China Seymour's congregation raises $1,200 within 15 minutes to provide their transportation expenses $1,200 was a lot of money in 1906 one worship service of Holy Communion and foot washing is composed of over 20 nationalities lasting until dawn Seymour begins publishing the Apostolic Faith newspaper which immediately circulates around the world with 50,000 copies per issue papers often passing from hand to hand until worn out reports and newspapers reach India ahead of the gars arousing keen interest and starting the movement their interested persons began arriving at Azusa Street from all over the USA and as far away as China volunteers meet incoming trains veteran pastors and missionaries tell of finding their heart's desire Thomas ball Barrett Methodist pastor from Norway joins the movement in New York City at a meeting held by Azusa missionaries in route to Africa Barrett returns to Europe to begin an influential Pentecostal ministry Anglican vicar a a body in England welcomes Barrett's new message describes the movement as surpassing the Welsh revival and begins an outreach that affects the far-flung British Empire from January to November the panic of 1907 brings economic hardship to the u.s. a new york stock exchange prices collapsed Dow Industrials plunge 45% however work under seymour expands and flourishes the mission incorporates elects trustees and buys the property for fifteen thousand in gold coin pain $4,000 cash as down payment william h durham of chicago visits the mission he calls seymour the leader of the movement under god amicus man I ever met he walks and talks with God his power is in his weakness he seems to maintain a helpless dependence on God and is as simple hearted as a little child and at the same time is so filled with God that you feel the love and power every time you get near him and I've heard that people came from literally all over the world who come to this was mad that take people criss cross around the world as people were leaving a zoo the missions to go to China and Africa and Russia and other parts as missionaries people were coming from all parts of the world to see what God was doing attitudes emissions as a matter of fact the mission had people posted at the train station to bring in the visitors and take them directly to his OU's emissions because people were coming from all around the world to Los Angeles not recite see but to see this mighty move of God and I've heard that day and night from 1906 to 1909 that they had services at the Azusa Street place services mom stopped him there was always something going on the move of God was going on and people were invited to come whenever they were led to come people were upstairs carrying waiting for the baptism of the Holy Spirit downstairs there were people praying there are people singing there were people studying the Word of God it was a non-stop meeting as a matter of fact there were several instances with a fire department caught in because people said that there were flames on the roof that the building was on fire the fire department came but nothing was burning down it was just the glory of God on the building what moved it beyond this kind of a regional mentality that apparently really overwhelmed the movement as it as it focused around Charles Parham in the South there South Central us is the fact that this really had a centrifugal kind of an understanding of this message it was to go everywhere so that within a year you can trace missionaries to the Middle East or to Europe or to Africa or to Latin America or to the Far East in a variety of places and on up into Canada so it really had a major impact this was faith missions at its best you know Vincent cynon talks about the missionaries in their one-way tickets they had no source of support once they were there it was totally on faith and they picked up their families and they went as missionaries to Liberia and within three months virtually all of them had died from Blackwater fever kind of a side effect from having overdosed on on quinine too as a result of malaria problems so it was a sad story but at the same time they founded a church which a year and a half later when when the first really white missionaries went to Africa in West Liberia and so forth they found a church of about two hundred and fifty people going very strongly there in Monrovia Africa Liberia so it carried both good and negative kinds of things and it was the tightest tightest paper said a bad a real it tells you bad to see what was all about and as he set in the meetings there were little children that dance did the Spirit and prophesied and the prophecy that they gave at the language they used was not for little children it was for it thought of intelligent people and that's what changed his mind he said how could little chiller like this this must be real then the children can't act like this said talk like this one time at the Upper Room mission mother got up during the Sorek service I began speaking in tongues and it was seemingly under the Holy Spirit there wasn't it no one to interpret it but at the close of the service there was a man came up and talked the brother stunned and said where did that lady learn that dialect and he says well she didn't learn that that was under the influence of the Holy Spirit he's filled with the Holy Spirit he's all a lot I don't understand that's beyond me and so on and and he left has a following service or whether it is that same week or very shortly after mother got up the second time and spoke in tongues same way and this time this man came running he says that woman is telling me that gets my heart straightened out with dog in a in a dialect from middle Africa she knew nothing about it there was no public interpretation of what she said but this man was a total outsider and he came up and gave his heart to God when he when she saw him that the reason you're here is for you to accept Jesus we went one night to the meeting when we heard them speaking in tongue he merely scared me to death I thought this is the way I feel I don't want to go back mr. McGowen said you would better be careful this is a God so I kept going back one not five or six women began singing in the spirit I was spellbound I had never heard such singing it sounded like angels singing they couldn't deny because the singing it was beautiful singing in the holy spirit the meetings went on every night with a full house sinners would pass the door come in and get saved the fire of God came down on me from the top of my head to the tip of my baritone truly it was like a live cold touch my lips little lost getting safe being filled with the spirit demons cast out in miraculous healings were daily occurrences at Azusa many swore that the power could be felt even blocks away the demonstrations are not the shouting clapping or jumpings of often seen in camp meetings there is a shaking such as the early Quakers had and which the old method is called the jerks it is while under the power of the Spirit you see the hands raved and here speaking in tongues our one sings a song learned from heaven with a shining face tears will be trickling down other faces many receive the spirit through the laying on of hands as they did through Paul and Ephesus a lot of people had been praying for Pentecost and when they said it's happened and people are speaking with tongues like the Apostles all the day of Pentecost that was tremendously attractive and I think it was this is this or is this not the promise latter ring that attracted people and they came with that question in mind some people saw it and said it's just black country dark he can't mean he stunts yeah the shouting and the falling others said this is that latter ring we've been praying for because the gifts of the Spirit began to operate that was what made it unique they would speak with tongues they would interpret they would sing in tongues they would prophesy they would give interpretations and healings galore at the end of 1909 the walls of Azusa Street were covered with crutches of people who'd been a bracelet canes and braces so I think the the idea went out across the world that the the last day revival has actually begun where nobody ever expected it to begin in a black church in Los Angeles in America the last place most people would have thought and yet it happened and people recognized the moral leadership of Seymour because he was pastor in Azusa Street the Lord not fall down and he got up trembling and saying Lord what will that help me do the Lord knocked all the worldly wisdom out of Paul that is the reason he knocked so many people down here and take the worldly wisdom out of them Paul was a man full of the wisdom and knowledge of this world but when he got the baptism with the Holy Spirit he was able to tell us about the true wisdom and true knowledge of God so that was one of the things that they were striving for is hoid us to get closer to God and to please God in their life and everything they said it did that was what do they eat everyone thinks it caused Azusa Street to progress said God being able to use the people oh yes oh yes they live different lives they had fear of doing wrong fear of displeasing God and they were very careful to find out what God wanted them to all God want them to live and what he wanted them to do and talk about I know what churches are like here today I've been through the lots of them for a long time and the formalities have got me down pretty bad I just it's a it's a song and then it's a it's a prayer and then there's a then there's a collection and then there's a special song and then the choirs song and then there's a message and then there's an invitation in that sad that's an hour and 15 minutes oh I don't know young man I'm not I'm not as happy as I was in the older days because we were led by the Spirit of God and that's when you're a son of God and I tell you too much formalities these days hasn't helped me any at all it was yeah outpouring of people that we draw their and boast of their reason they were drawing their is they were hungry for God my father was about here not to speak at uggs but to get closer to God and know God and he never sought speaking tuggs he and my mother were great in singing songs its missions and the way my father received the Holy Ghost was he wasn't trying to just waiting on God and all of a sudden he started to sing in another language and he had a good voice my father had a good voice and he was conscious of some power taking him over and he sang in another language that thrilled his way beyond anything he'd ever experienced in life years later at a camp meeting mr. Grissom Joe remembers when he was touched and I wandered into this little tent meeting and sat down in the front front row there wasn't anyone else there and as they testify thank the Lord for salvation thank the Lord for the baptismal Holy Spirit and so I thought well why not I stood up as I thank the Lord for salvation and I'd like to be filled with the Holy Spirit I went unconscious I did not know nor did anyone touch me no afraid for me no one sang to me or anything else and I went on and when I came to I had my arms up there and speaking in tongues and I couldn't talk English all night a kid 12 years old on on this one occasion Marie came and told the folks that she was sick and all of a sudden she started falling with her legs and having it to Detective julio and her speech start deliever well for days that two or three days or I won't say two or three I don't know exactly how long not too long we were in difficulty because the school was getting ready to close us down and the Health Department was coming out they were going to they were going to close us down and mother and dad took three make this as short as I can mother and dad took Marie took her out and walked her up and down the walkway the dirt road and over to the edge of the hill and back again and that same day dad said to the devil sis you get out of here we won't have you stay away from us and we are going we rebuke you we're not going to take it before the day was over the Apolo was completely healed completely in she's 85 years old now I have awful lot of respect for my father's prayer life he prayed for hours under travail travail wasn't something it they cooked up at the spirit with kabadi because I've sensed it myself when I got saved I asked God to give me travail and I would pray for people that had lost out with God and that Parr would come on me and I would cry out to god at follow Maddie's and I couldn't get released until I had prayed through for this person there's a spirit wicked spirit world that's we come back we're fighting against and we're in the Old Testament they fought with swords this world we fight the enemy by combating the enemy in prayer the newspapers just really killed something terrible this old mad spoken tugs and they put him out of the church the whole church in general turned against the outpouring they were called all kinds of names holy rollers and holy jumpers and tangled tuggers and and I suppose they ultimately came up with the tongues movement which is probably a misnomer as well but you'd have to look at the Azusa Street mission and say there was a lot of stuff that was going on that probably most Pentecostal churches today would look at and say what's that again kids were often put outside on their own while their parents went inside and of course the Health Department was down on their necks because of the lack of ventilation and lack of supervision for kids and all kinds of complaints the noise level some people complained that they could hear them screaming and yelling three blocks away and they would testify in court to that in fact many of these people were harassed by the local police department or by citizens I have newspaper clippings of at least nine people who were committed to either psychiatric wards in the local jail or they were placed in hospital psychiatric hospitals simply because they spoke in tongues and and were part of this burgeoning Pentecostal movement here in Los Angeles the Los Angeles Ministerial Association filed complaint that Azusa mission is a public disturbance in demands action to close it police survey nearby businesses but they do not support the complaint Azusa Street services continued Azusa workers in Los Angeles and nearby towns are sometimes arrested by police who do not approve of public evangelism in Whittier Henry McLean accepts 30 days of the chain gang rather than leave town continuing his ministry cheerfully among his fellow prisoners I have been the meetings we're all crowded round the old a laying across one another like whole blacks and whites in England it should be nothing to bring a blush ashamed to tell let alone age and yet all of this wood laid on a holy gold one of the interesting things about all of this is the newness of it nowhere in their history in the holiness movement in the Methodist Church or in any of the other mainline churches were any of these phenomena present there were no Mentors there were no teachers they were learning by experience and they were trying to test their experience against the the Word of God in fact one of the things that they were learning was that in early Pentecostalism there was this idea that if God was granting the gift of languages that languages was not simply a verbal or aural kind of thing it was also something that one could write and so there were these experiments in which they would pray that God would give them the gift of tongues and that they could write in tongues and then they would pray for interpretations to ride alongside so that you would have these what looked like chicken Scrolls and they were interpreted by someone in their in in their midst and in fact they made the newspapers as early as Charles Parham back in Topeka Kansas in 1901 there were some of these things put into the local paper in the Los Angeles Times carried a major article on one saturday or sunday seymour makes a comment in and in the very the very first issue of the apostolic faith that we now have people in our myths who can write in tongues about three or four months later he writes and he says we've been checking this experience against the Word of God and we don't find anything in the word about writing in tongues so it's probably better that we don't engage in this sort of thing so they were doing some theologizing at the time they were trying to discern and and learn and to grow in this process but it meant that along the way they sometimes made mistakes the shouting Methodists go back to the turn to 1800s early 1800s cane Ridge all these things happen with whites and blacks shouting falling out even barking like dogs dancing before the Lord there had been a long history of that but as you say they were mainly among poor people and as the churches became more middle-class and better educated they tried to put that behind them so by the 1900 the people who were still showing these manifestations were the poor people and most of them had left Methodist Church and others to form holiness churches they were mainly poor people black and white the shouting Methodist is shouting holiness people were already in place before the Pentecostal movement started well the Los Angeles Church Federation decided that they were going to meet and decide what do we do with these people at Azusa Street how do we counter this there's a great deal of denial by the Federation that in fact what they were trying to do was undercut what was going on in Azusa Street but it's clear from the reporter's eyes and the reports that are carried in the LA papers that what they what was really up there was the fact that the church Federation authorized the president of that Federation a fellow named Rylan who was pastor of a Methodist Church in Los Angeles to go over to the Azusa Street mission to look to watch to listen and to come away with the decision about the validity or lack thereof of this group he came away with two very important or significant insights one was he felt that they were involved in a lot of fanaticism that could potentially be dangerous or at least lead to insanity on the other hand what he did think was that they were so committed to evangelization and carrying the gospel to people in the city and to telling other people that he thought that the church Federation could profit from a similar kind of an experience so what they do is they come up with a four-hole plan the first point is they want to get all the people in these mainline churches that are members of this Federation to agree to set aside a special time in their own prayer lives a prayer closet if you would to pray for the evangelization of the city and they get people to sign up to become members of this prayer band that that are going to do this and they are committed to pray every day for the evangelization of Los Angeles the second thing they do is they decide that they're going to petition the city of Los Angeles and in particular the police department to get permits to hold public street meetings now one can well imagine holiness churches and Pentecostal churches holding street meetings but it's hard to imagine the local Episcopal Church and the Presbyterian Church and a variety of Baptist churches and disciples of Christ and Methodists all out there doing the same thing in a cooperative effort to win souls to Jesus Christ well what happens is that that begins a series of meetings which lasts on into 1908 and 1909 and you will see in the 1908 papers in Highland Park and for instance every single week they have a photograph of where the local Street meetings are and you'll see the Oregon out on the street and men in their top hats and it was really a revival that took place among businessmen and the newspapers would record how many people were saved and and would record parts of the sermons and and all of these things so that the public was well informed on this and that's a competitive edge that they hope to bring against the Xu's history tonight that's a fairly exciting competitive edge in a sense because the very thing that Smail was praying for namely revival in the city was beginning to happen that's correct that's absolutely correct there's my one Church of God speaking of tongues will never be given to our people who compromise mastectomy we warn all who may be getting their poisonous she called that the Apostolic Faith to be more aware of it consign it to the flames as there's where it spawns will hand unless they see the air of their way and repent you cannot win people by abusing their church all pastor if you get the preaching against churches you will find that sweet Spirit of Christ is lacking and a harsh judging spirit takes its place the churches are not to be blamed for division people were hunting for light they built up denominations because they did not know a better way we are simply a voice shouting behold the lamb of god when we commence shouting something else then Christ will die in us when people run out of the love of God they get to preaching something else preaching dress and meats and doctrines of men and preaching against churches all these denominations are our brother so let us seek peace and not confusion the moment we feel we have all the truth or more than anyone else we will drop I don't think that harem shared the vision of that I don't think that he had the capacity to engender that vision and other people in quite the way that this so simple and yet so stunning experiment called Azusa Street had I think that he was much more dogmatic and much more driven as a leader whereas Seymour would take the back seat and say okay it's time for God to work and so there was a tendency I think to allow God more freedom in a sense through see more than through harem well just look at the major Pentecostal groups in the world just look at the Church of God in Christ where CH Mason and two other men go to Azusa Street a baptized in the spirit speak with tongues come back and a revolution breaks out that church has over three and a half million members of largest Pentecostal church in America look at the symbols of God traces its roots right back to zeusie Street which is a largest Pentecost Church in the whole world with about 25 million people worldwide Pentecostal Holiness Church Azusa Foursquare church Church of God Cleveland Tennessee and many others Church you've got a prophecy Pentecost Church of God there hundreds up and they all can trace their roots to Azusa Street but then it's gone worldwide there in Europe all over Europe the men who founded the Pentecostal movement in in Italy see the largest non Catholic Church in Italy as Pentecostal well Italian from Chicago received the baptism under William Durham who got it at the zoo the street see and you go down to Brazil you go to Chile you go to Russia even I was just in Russia in the Pentecostal movement can trace its roots back to New York City back to Azusa Street so this whole renewal movement is a worldwide phenomenon and then the charismatic movement like in the Catholic Church and other mainline Protestant churches all of them indirectly can go back to the zoo the street so here's this black man and I often tell people there were thousands of people that would have gladly volunteered to be the great man that God would use theologians guys from seminaries God jumped over all of them and chose a black man born in Louisiana to slave parents in a little nondescript broken-down mission in Los Angeles to spark the greatest revival I think in the last thousand years yes so God chooses the outcasts things of the world to confound the wise and do his thing when an earthquake hits a city the high and the low are shook to the same level of destruction so when an out point of God flows upon a city the high places and the low flow together so – at Azusa the highest echelons of society mingling with the lowest of the poor all reduced to one common denominator Jesus as God's holy spirit a brother of Norman Chandler who owned the Los Angeles Times unexpectantly came to visit one doesn't know if he was initially critiquing the meeting but it was reported that he sat quietly for hours an elegant buggy drawn by beautifully groomed horses brought the wealthy railroad tycoon Charles Huntington with his beautiful wife to see this wondrous display of God following their entrance a drunk wandered in off the streets and was saved missionaries soon came from all over the world to witness this new outpouring of the Holy Spirit they began to take news of it back to their fields of labor and to share this awesome move of God at the crowds temple Church of God in Christ elder CC car he was 99 years old when he reflected on Seymour's visit to the 1907 spring denominational meeting car he vividly remembered Seymour he was telling about some of his experiences his talk went all through me I felt a glory from his ministry his face looked like the face of an angel Seymour was noted for preaching simply and with a beaming face GT Haywood leader of the black Freemasons in Indianapolis and cartoonist for two newspapers joined the movement resigning from his Lodge Haywood becomes one of the three most influential black leaders of the new movement Nelson reports that even the term Pentecostal movement derived from Seymour's usage at Azusa before this general use Pentecostal movement other terms used were Apostolic Faith and Full Gospel commonly used by Parham the word Pentecost was a synonym for the holiness experience up until Sousa Street then later on the holiness churches dropped the word Pentecost altogether because they associated with yes they don't want to be confused with the tongue speakers so Pentecost has a long history but after the tongues experience came with Azusa Street the Pentecostal movement preempted the term in the popular mind if you say Pentecostal now you're talking about people who speak the tongue Azusa spread his tongues of fire like ever widening ripple in a pond Pastor Owen Adams attended Azusa then traveling to Canada he met with Robert simple and shared with him the Pentecost experience Roberts shared the news with his new bride Amy Robert and Amy then went to China as missionaries Robert died prematurely the young widow returned to the United States preaching alone until she later married Harold McPherson that message from Azusa burned bright to the world fame Amy Semple McPherson later in one of Amy's San Jose California meetings practically an entire Baptist Church accepted the Pentecost experience a pastor Charles as price got filled with the Spirit Himself becoming a world fame Pentecostal torchbearer AC valdez like so many people who came to Azusa Street received an experience of God's power and the Holy Spirit and his family had come to Los Angeles I think they've lived here for quite a number of years his parents went to the mission in fact I think perhaps even his grandfather had visited at one point but he was touched and became an evangelist who traveled around the world holding meetings dynamic meetings he had very great success for instance in Australia throughout the US and and like and ultimately wrote a book about his experience I think was called fire on Azusa Street that The Full Gospel businessman published in the early 1980s and then ultimately retired in Arizona and passed away in the mid in the mid 80s it is documented that CH Mason who later became founder in Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ je Jeter and DJ young journeyed to Azusa visiting for five weeks all three were filled by the Holy Spirit and extended Seymour an invitation to address the spring meeting in 1907 Bishop Mason and Seymour's friendship dated back to Seymour's time of living and studying in Mississippi on May 13th 1908 Seymour marries Jenny Evans more the one who received the filling of the Holy Spirit and sang and played so beautifully on that night of April 9th 1906 Seymour wedding did not just assure in marital bliss but a crippling blow to his ooze emissions a small but influential court the mission objected to his marriage citing the final days before the closing of the age are not times for marrying and being given in marriage there's too much work to do Clara Lum the missions secretary and administrative helper for the newspaper disapproves of the marriage quitting her post she immediately moves to Portland Oregon when she joins the growing ministry of her former Azusa associate Reverend Florence Crawford Lum over the objection of the Azusa trustees takes all of the newspapers national and international mailing list a list of over 25,000 irreplaceable names and addresses fraudulently she begins issuing what was Seymour's paper from the new location making it sound as if Seymour and the entire mission had relocated to Portland contributions for the paper and mission were received by mail all contributions were now directed by Lum to Portland Seymour and his wife journeyed to Portland to obtain return of his list Lum refuses the swabbing see more of its control of the global paper and of the donations contributed and insight on Seymour's character might be obtained as we note Seymour refused to seek legal remedy through the courts nelson states the epitaph for this tragic situation was written by seymour in the october/november 1908 issue of the Apostolic Faith this issue is the only one known to have been circulated by Seymour following the departure of love I must for the salvation of soul let it be known that the editor is still in Los Angeles and will not remove the Apostolic Faith from Los Angeles without letting the subscribers and field workers know this was a sad thing to our hearts for a worker to attempt to take the paper which is the property of the Azusa Street mission to another city without our consent after being warned but the elders not to do so during a time of no mass telephone radio or TV communications the mailing list was azusa's lifeline of communication and there was quite a outcry from Seymour that they had in fact stolen his a lifeline which was the mailing list that had been developed people riding in and asking for more information really you have to think about the mailing list is probably one of the most valuable things that Seymour owned without the mailing list it was impossible for Seymour to continue publication from Los Angeles robbed of the contributions and his newspaper the global national and local influence of the Azusa mission and Seymour declined I think the saddest part of the story is that from 1906 to about 1924 you had interracial worship among Pentecostals the biggest exception to segregation but by 1924 most of the Pentecostal churches had segregated on the basis of race the biggest mistake was that the spirit-filled people did not continue thee God raised him up just to solve the racial problem before the civil rights movement ever got star but they they didn't follow through and I think that's the greatest tragedy yes they were ahead of the times prophetic and the neighborhood was was in the black part of LA and Azusa Street became for the last few years of black local congregation but had already accomplished its historical mission it doesn't mean it was a failure at all it just meant that it had just exploded worldwide and as a neighborhood change of like any city eventually Azusa Street building was torn down 1931 I believe and because of the changing neighborhood patterns Azusa mission's was at its zenith from 1906 through 1909 with what was considered a non-stop revival however it is a misconception that Azusa no longer operated after 1909 there were various splits and factions each one taking its toll on the attendance at Azusa by 1910 there were no crowds at Azusa mission's most of the whites were now in attendance at various new churches and missions however there was a loyal core of blacks which numbered about 50 however in 1911 William H Durham returned to Los Angeles from Chicago he initially tries to preach out of the prestigious Upper Room mission and then tries another location but was turned down by both he then requested and was granted permission to preach at Azusa Durham presents a new doctrine entitled the finished work at Calvary the dynamic presence of Durham attracts huge crowds great numbers of whites flocked back to Azusa it's reported throughout the city that Azusa is on fire again but Durham's new doctrine causes controversy and contention among the Saints this controversy seems to be the reason Durham left Chicago and was denied the use of the Upper Room mission in Los Angeles Seymour who had been ministering backis speedily returns and pleads with Durham to modify the demands and his approach on this new doctrine Durham adamantly refuses Seymour is forced to lock Durham out of the mission Durham opens a rival mission the crowds follow him the numbers that Isuzu dwindled down to less than 50 and it never flourishes again July 7th 1912 Durham at age 39 died suddenly and unexpectedly after prophesying to a friend that if they were ever to leave the Divine Will he would perish and expectedly following summer a large camp meeting is held at the same location of Seymour's first big summer camp meeting thousands flocked to the meeting Seymour attends but is not invited to sit on the platform nor is he even acknowledged deploying the bickering jealousy and backbiting among the Brethren Seymour tries once again to call for unity he invites all of the city clergy to a meeting for love and harmony only two men attend see more sadly limits to a friend that he has done all he could do Seymour continued to minister at Azusa and made occasional trips to the east and south on September 28 1922 Seymour while dictating a letter died from a heart attack his faithful said from a broken heart for more details on the life and personality of this tremendous man of God view the companion documentary from tragedy to triumph the story of William Seymour jinnie Evan Seymour took over as pastor ministering to the small but faithful corps now left at Azusa there was one more power play it seems by now the Seymours were used to it one had taken the Lifeline mailing list others had taken people and now a man who had preached there who mrs. Seymour and the others had befriended decided he would pastor and take over the mission eventually mr. Seymour maintained her control but the court battle had taken time and money Azusa Street missions was now condemned as a fire hazard it seemed none of the saints wanted to preserve this building wherein God had so awesomely shown his presence on the day that Azusa missions was abolished Frank Bart Ehrman went and secured the address 312 as a momento William Seymour continued to minister until his death in 1922 after his death his wife Jenny Evans Marci Moore became the pastor and she continued until her death now in the early 1930s the building was condemned as the fire hazard and it was torn down and unfortunately I'll read this because it's in the records June 1st Los Angeles County Superior Court Awards final judgment to security First National Bank after 58 legal moves and countermoves spread over two and a half years so in 1938 312 Azusa Street becomes a Bank property and was made into a parking lot it was later acquired by the LA Department of Urban Renewal my father I have ever when they were tearing the building down he went and took a piece of wood had the number of the zoo sir Street on it and hung it up in his bedroom and maybe a lot of people can get together and at least buy back a corner of this and put up a monument to the glory of the tremendous outpointed took place yet that indeed affected the entire mrs. Seymour passed away on July 2nd 1936 this movement that a man is like this the Reformation had a man Martin Luther see there's a movement with a man who is indispensable leader the Methodist movement started by John Wesley and you talked about the reform in with the Calvin then when you come to the Pentecostal movement people can't generally tell you who was the founder of movement we don't have a Luther a Wesley or a Calvin but then the man who makes it a worldwide movement is Seymour he fills the place of a Luthor Wesley more than anybody else because harm soon dropped out of leadership and no one likes to call parm the founder of the movement we always said the Holy Ghost founded it but the Holy Ghost used people and worldwide I think all over the world people would be for more familiar with Seymour's name than they would par him and with Azusa Street certainly Seymour was the man that God used as a catalyst to explode this throughout the whole world and I don't think anyone can anymore say it's a movement without a man it's a movement that where God used men and sometimes used the most unlikely men and women I think the Lord knew what he was doing when he chose Seymour in Azusa Street mainly among blacks to bring one of the greatest revivals in history now there are about 400 million Pentecostals and cares makes in the world and like I say you can trace it back to Azusa Street Azusa Street was like a mother giving birth once she's given birth a mother eventually will die but she's done her historic sure art and the Sousa Street played the historic part of birthing Pentecostals into the whole world I also find it rather interesting perhaps it's ironic perhaps its divine justice if you would that in 1988 when Pope John Paul the second visited Los Angeles that the place one of the places where he went and held a meeting and gave a speech that I attended was at the japanese-american Cultural Center which sits at the site of the Azusa Street mission so there is a sense in which that site has attracted other leaders in the religious world of today I think as a historian that the subject of Azusa Street is one of those things that needs to be looked at once again and this time very carefully I've grown up with a great appreciation for my heritage and indeed I find my heritage to be deeply rooted not only in the Pentecostal movement but the Pentecostal movement which grew out of the black church so that if you want to talk about the roots of Pentecostalism you have to take very seriously both the holiness and the restorationist and the black church elements that all contribute to what is known as modern Pentecostalism I think it's important as a as a minister to help people to remember that God dealt with real people at a real level and and transformed their lives and turned the world upside down in many respects the theological world made evangelism possible in ways that that one had never thought of before indeed to talk about 360 million or there abouts Pentecostals in these days is mind-boggling him it just hardly computes when you think about this movement really at its very beginning levels in 1906 that's not very many years from then to now and to see what God has accomplished as a father who has four sons I hope to communicate to them something of the reality of God something of the heritage that we as a Pentecostal family are part of and participate in but not simply to look back on it but to say if God can do that there with those people God can do something with me today for the Church of tomorrow and my hope is that when people look at this film or when people read the book about Azusa Street or when people share the story that what they're sharing is not simply the way it used to be but hope for the Church of tomorrow and what that church can do by the grace of God in the world about it Mel you studied this man's life for 15 years why do you like Seymour so much well he's become a friend I know I'm like a brother and many of these people have become friends it's not simply a history project they are my people and I am one of him and their hurts become mine and their visions and their joy have become ingrained in me in ways I never would have expected any time past so when I get this story written I hope there is a sense in which it's not just their story but it's my story as well I'm sure that will be it'll be their story and your story and a story for people of all time and most of all God's story azusa mission man had no use for it but God was to choose it as the birthplace of a revolution as we entered the old building sometime I was I was touched by the presence of God it was such a humble place with its low ceilings in room floor that didn't work on webs or hanging in the windows as I looked around I thought of Jesus when he came to earth and was born in a manger if there was no place for him in the end I thought of the fine church houses in the city of Los Angeles but the Lord had chosen this humble spot to gather all nationality dear one there is a disease in your heart that begins to eat you when you see some saints it does not look like you get down before God and cast him to sanctify you wholly and get rid of all the old flesh your thoughts and feelings old things will have passed away and all things will have become I recall one Catholic man who was wonderful he was rejoice it had praised the Lord in Spanish where could speak Incas I tried to ask him when he got converted he didn't understand finally another brother interpreted I will never forget the childlike reply converted I know understand all I know one day his sous he jumping to me hard just as God had used a stable in the opposite side of the world almost 2,000 years ago so here at Azusa God has used another stable to draw in the wealthy to learn the theologians and the lost to witness this awesome move of God for salvation and deliverance man would have chosen great palaces and cathedrals for such mighty works but God God chose stables God spread the movement not offering the Holy Ghost did the work not an evangelist layman and ministers were equally important the greatest secret love and unity prevailed among one of the most diverse groups ever assembled the worship God in spirit and in truth just look look but not no no look now how they love one another [Applause] the No

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  1. Thank you for researching the history of this Amazing Azusa Street Revival!!! The information really blessed me and has given me a greater faith to know that God is a Healer!!! Everything he did back then, He can do it again!!! God Bless You!!!

  2. god is the same he never chance its man that do that one day when a man picks up the bible beleaves it and dont look at the cost it will cost him that day it will come again i beleave that with all my heart

  3. And there all uniting with the catholic church is that truth? I don't think so denounce the worship of Mary Mother Goddess, let priest marry, and get rid of the gay and pedophile s in the Catholic church then maybe I'll listen . They're still covering up they sin. Plus take Jesus off the cross he's on the throne now! Smh

  4. God is going to open the heavens and send the cloven Fire followed by a mighty wind.we need to be humble,repent of our sins,God Knows every thought and our actions.He is our father.God promised to his children,I will not leave you alone I will send the Holy Spirit upon each one of you and your children.All you do is wait tighter until you receive the Holy Spirit.God promised and it happened.praise god. Thank you god bless you.

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  7. Thank you!! You MAY not even know how absolutely DEVINE it was for you to post this video for a time such as this! There's a best friend of my & myself lite with a deep, burning fire for God's TRUE Revival and it just wont die down!!!! This just ADDED more flame to our already Supernatural Fire in our hearts.πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯β˜οΈπŸ‘‘πŸ™

  8. When we break walls separating the children of God by race and worship together in truth and spirit we could see this again if we seek with all our hearts soul mind the will of God I believe

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