7 Mysterious Creatures Created By Scientists #2

7 Mysterious Creatures Created By Scientists #2

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From The Chicken without feathers to the Spider that was produced by cloning with a plant , Here are 7 Mysterious Creatures Created By Scientists

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28 thoughts on “7 Mysterious Creatures Created By Scientists #2”

  1. The thing is in order to inhabit some other worlds out there in the universe we might have to change our present shape and form and become a combination of all the animals here on this planet including all of those which are now extinct we are hating and killing each other every minute of the day and night but what we do not know or seem to understand is that we are all important the guy next door could have the cure for your disease etc

  2. We know that there are many corrupt countries in the world who do not care about Human Rights or scientific ethics and soif they are this then pushes the countries who do care about Human Rights to also do unethical things in order to keep up with scientific progress because what you don't know when it is in somebody else's hands who has no morals can kill you this means that there are many unethical secret science programs secret experiments being done on Humans and with Human and animal D.N.A.this means that in secret locations they in Eastern Europe in Africa,in Asia and in south America and across the world they are developing monsters possible even Vampires now think about that the next time you go out camping in the woods ah and don't forget that it's against the law to carry a knife with a fixed blade and that it is also against the law to have A Knife with a blade that is more than three inches long huh have a nice night you all?

  3. The 'Do-lion' and 'Spider fern' ? Coupled with things that actually exist leads me to the conclusion that this a badly (And embarrassingly badly) researched piece …….

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