"100 Things To Do Before You Die" documentary trailer

"100 Things To Do Before You Die" documentary trailer

With the Australian premiere of the documentary ‘100 Things To Do Before You Die’ set to hit TV screens on March 8th on TLC (Foxtel), here’s a little promo!

twenty-seven-year-old Australians Sebastian Terry made a list of a hundred things he wants to do before he dies a life-changing event cause Sebastian to drop everything except his video camera and chase these dreams this Odyssey has opened up a whole new world of people places and opportunities two years twenty three countries and in no particular order he's raised nearly sixty thousand dollars for a children's charity and he's approaching the halfway point on his list number 58 on my list is the skydive make it

5 thoughts on “"100 Things To Do Before You Die" documentary trailer”

  1. awesome mate. I laugh every time I see the skydive clip! haHA! I'm deep in the heart of "No 13. Complete a physics degree" on my list. In library right now avoiding work… I need to get back to it… or maybe go home… it's just about midnight…

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